Being one of the enterprises with the most complete product categories in water treatment industry in the country, JINING SCIENTIFIC GREEN WATER-TREATMENT CO., LTD. devotes itself to the scientific research, production, marketing and service on water treatment products and is mainly engaged in the businesses in the following four aspects:
   I. Production, marketing and technical service on water treatment chemicals.
   II. Manufacturing, marketing and technical service on water treatment equipment.
   III. Industrial cleaning project.
   IV. Production, marketing and technical service on papermaking chemicals.

Air Cooling Island Cleaning

The long term service of air cooling islands is likely to result in the squalidity on cooling fins and scaling inside pipes, severely affecting the heat dissipation effect of air cooling islands. In the environment of high-hardness water, the inorganic salt soluble in circulating water system crystallizes and is separated out, forming scale on the pipe walls of air cooling islands, resulting in efficiency reduction.

The air cooling island cleaning group of our company can help you to resolve the issue of air cooling islands and reduce accident occurrence rate. After the cleaning, sterilization, algae removal, sludge removal can be realized, thus improving the effect, the cleaning avoids equipment corrosion and damage and make air cooling islands operate safely and efficiently. It can not only reduce expenses on maintenance and repair, but also extend the service life of air cooling islands and avoid losses caused by shutdown, thus creating greater benefits for customers.

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