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Environmental scale and corrosion inhibitor

  The widely adopted phosphorus-containing agent circulating water treatment technology, which has been in use for many years, is extremely unfavorable to environment protection. The discharge water will result in the eutrophication of the receiving environmental water area and promote the growth of the bacteria and algae. Algal bloom formed in the lakes and “red tide” formed in the offshore areas severely pollute the water source of the rivers inland and lakes, destroy the ecological environment and do harm to human health and at the same time indirectly deteriorate the quality of the soil.

In order to avoid the bad effect on the ecology, the development of the society requires the scale inhibitors and fungicides for circulating water treatment should not contain phosphorus or the content of phosphorus is very low. The scale inhibitors and fungicides also should exhibit some environmental performances, such as biodegradability and avirulence when the function of the agents disappears. The scale inhibitors and fungicides should adopt the greening agent processing technology and must reach the circulation ratio equal to that of the phosphorus-containing agent in order to save water.  That is to say, they must be environmental and efficient, which is a higher demand for the circulating water treatment technology.

No phosphate environmental scale and corrosion inhibitor ZH392SGR

This product series is the latest environmental agent produced by our company, whose main constituents are improved polyepoxysuccinic acid (PESA), polyaspatic acid, sulfoacid copolymer, environmental and efficient corrosion inhibitor. This product is a phosphate free, efficient, organic composite, environment friendly multiple composite water treatment agent with short biodegradable cycle. The product has good thermal stability, high hydrolysis resistance, and excellent scale and corrosion inhibitions. Under the control of  high concentration multiple of circulating water system, it is especially suitable for the water treatment of demanding water quality of  high calcium, high hardness, high basicity and high Ph and can realize better corrosion inhibitory and scale resisting effect than P-containing water treatment agent. It exhibits the performances of biodegradability and avirulence and is the best substitute products of corrosion inhibitors. Polyepoxysuccinic acid contained in it also has the advantages of low doses and excellent scale inhibition performance, besides good biodegradability. It has very high scale inhibition rate in the water with high basicity and high hardness and is significantly better than that of the common organic phosphonic acid ATMP and HEDP corrosion inhibitors. It has double functions of corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition. Polyaspartic acid can chelate different polyvalent metal ions such as Calcium magnesium, copper and iron. It may change the crystal structure of calcium salt and have mild scale formed, so it has good scale inhibition performance. Alkyl epoxy carboxylic acid salt is an environmental friendly water treatment agent, which has no phosphorus or toxicity and can resist chlorine and high temperature and have excellent scale inhibition to calcium carbonate.  Molybdate is an anode passive type corrosion inhibitor, which has the advantages of low toxicity, harmlessness, effective, good stability and synergy effects with various substances.

 Low-phosphate scale and corrosion inhibitor ZH391SGR

The main components of this product series are phosphonic carboxylic acid, improved polyepoxysuccinic acid and sulfoacid copolymer. This product has good intermiscibility and obvious synergy effects and has excellent carbonate scale resistance in the water with Ca2+ and high basicity. It also has good dispersibility and applies to the circulating water system with high concentration multiple and high PH. It has especially significant corrosion inhibitory and scale resisting effect to the circulating water system with large amount PH. The key point of corrosion control of metallic equipment, especial pitting control, lies in quick repair of the corrosion inhibitor film damaged by corrosion ions such as Cl, using the fast film-forming function of phosphonic carboxylic acid-PESA-corrosion inhibitor. The product has unique excellent pitting corrosion resistance by membrane repairing and can effectively prevent the corrosion of metals.

ZH391SGR scale and corrosion inhibitor has the following unique characteristics:

(1) Scale and corrosion inhibitor is a green water treatment formula and has characteristics of low-phosphate content and biodegradability. The discharge water can satisfy the requirements of the state environmental protection sewage secondary standard (total phosphorus ≤1.0mg/L).

Compared with other all-organic alkalization processing formulas, it is more suitable for the working conditions of high hardness, high concentration multiple, high temperature and long retention time. It has used the latest efficient dispersion agent and corrosion inhibitor and can effectively control the corrosion of the metals (carbon steel, copper alloy, stainless steel, and etc.) and fouling of heat exchanger.

It adopts the improved PESA high-powered scale inhibition and dispersion agent of our company and can effectively prevent the scale and precipitation of the suspended particles. The technology is one of the latest water treatment technologies. Using this product can inhibit the appearance of scale in the circulating water system, which is the problem that the traditional methods can not deal with. The product exhibits excellent dispersibility under the conditions of high temperature and slow velocity and can inhibit the precipitation of iron, phosphorus and scale.

Adopting the AA/AMPS/HPS dispersion agent and combined with microorganism control, it can inhibit scale and the precipitation of the suspended particles and effectively inhibit the under-deposit corrosion of the condenser tube.

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