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Turbid circulating water treatment chemicals

The turbid circulating cooling water is mainly used to remove the deposition on the equipment, surfaces of the pipelines and spray system caused by the grease, iron oxides and scaling ions and avoid serious accidents like spray nozzle blocking. Furthermore, the existence of greasy dirt in the water will provide adequate nutrition for the reproduction of microorganisms and it’s easy to cause slime fault. High oil content of the cooling water can lead to hardening of filtering material of the filter and affect the quality of the products.

Take the steel plant for example, the turbid circulating water has the following features comparing to the clean circulating water: (1) the pollutant concentration in the wastewater shows a periodic variation along with the smelting industrial process; (2) SS concentration in the waste water changes greatly, normally from 2000 to 10000 mg/L, and it can reach up to 15000 mg/L; (3) As the industrial processes are different, sometimes the water pH value of the system is quite high, normally the pH value is from 8 to 12. This is because the slagging agent CaO added at steel-making goes into the turbid circulating water and high pH value increases the scaling tendency of the water; (4) The wastewater contains much ferric oxide, which increases the turbidity of the water and the color of water will be reddish-brown or dark grey. Excessive ferric oxide will cause death of the fish in the water. This kind of wastewater must be treated before being recycled or discharged.

In accordance with the features above, the water treatment reagent of the turbid circulating water system mainly adopts flocculants, coagulant, degreasing agents and a small amount of dispersion scaling inhibitor.

Polymeric aluminum chloride PAC

This product is a kind of inorganic macromolecule polymerized flocculant, an inorganic macromolecule water treatment reagent with high molecular weight and electric charge caused by the bridging effect of the hydroxyl ions and polymerization of the multivalent anions. It’s applicable to various raw waters. It has the features of a wide pH use range, strong adaptability to turbidity and temperature, quick flocculation speed, big flocculent and low cost. It’s widely used in treatment of application water, city wastewater, industrial wastewater and sludge and it’s the currently most widely used flocculant in the treatment of living water supply and industrial water supply. 

Polymeric aluminum ferric chloride PAFC

This product is a kind of inorganic macromolecule coagulant formed by coagulation hydrolyzing aluminum salt and ferric salt, a kind of new coagulant with high efficiency produced by adding simple ferric ions and ferric hydroxide and other iron containing compounds based on the synergistic principle. It has the strong points of both aluminum salt and ferric salt and it remarkably improved the morphologies of both aluminum ions and ferric ions and the polymerizing degree is substantially improved. Use the advantages of aluminum and ferric coagulant for air flotation operation to improve the coagulative performance of poly aluminum chloride. The purification treatment effect of water with high turbidity and water with low temperature and turbidity is obvious and it could be used without alkaline auxiliary and other coagulants. It is mainly used in the treatment of complex water systems, industrial wastewater, and city wastewater.

Polyacrylamide PAM

This product is formed by amide monomer and it’s a kind of water-soluble linear macromolecule substance. It can make the suspended matters to be flocculated through electrostatic neutralization and bridging desorption effect. This product is divided into four kinds which are anions, cations, nonionics and zwitterions, and the average molecular weight is from thousands to tens of millions. This product could be used widely in industries like sewage treatment, mining, papermaking, metallurgy, food, and chemical industry. The dosing amount is 1/50 of the inorganic flocculant, but the effect is several times of the inorganic flocculant. The effect will be very good if using inorganic flocculant in conjunction with Polyacrylamide for water source with severe organic pollution.

Degreasing flocculant QX213SGR

This product is a new synthetic degreasing agent. It not only has the flocculation degreasing effect of the macromolecular degreasing agent, but also has the coalescence sedimentation of the nanometer Ferro ferric oxide which could increase the speed of the flocs. Because the particle size of the nanometer Ferro ferric oxide is small, the specific surface is big and super paramagnetic, it’s very easy to be adsorbed with the oil droplets in the sewage and produce demulsification and advantageous for sedimentation of the flocs using together with the flocculants. Because of the special structure of the arborescent macromolecules of Polyacrylamide which have “holes” to encapsulate the nanoparticles and there are active groups on the surface to have chemical adsorption reactions with the polar materials on the surface of the oil droplets and form bridges and remove the oil by coalescence. Form a kind of new degreasing agent using arborescent macromolecules of Polyacrylamide encapsulating the nanometer Ferro ferric oxide to exert the advantages of accelerated settlement and coalescence oil removing of both parties. It has strong adsorption and bridging ability for colloidal substances, suspended solids, and emulsified oil beads of the oily sewage to form big flocculates and separate from water through sedimentation and filtration. It reacts quickly, the flocculates formed are big, the volume of sludge is small, and it’s applicable to PH4-11. It’s especially suitable for treatment of the oily sewage of steelmaking, steel rolling and the oil field, dust removing water of blast furnace gas and converters and oily water of special water quality.

Degreasing agent QX211SGR

This product is a compound flocculant, which is formed by inorganic flocculant, organic floculant and additives. It contains higher positive charge ball cluster ions and could destabilize the microscopic oil droplets and impurities and make them alumen ustum quickly. Seen from the application effect, a lot of flocs formed after adding inorganic flocculant, which could capture the small particles (soluble oil) of nanometer grade with bridging effect of SO42-groups. So the degreasing effect is great. It’s easy to form floc blankets to make the floc particles become big and sink to increase the sedimentation speed after adding the organic flocculant. It’s suitable for high efficiency flocculant degreasing of various high turbidity and high oil contain turbid circulating water in the steel companies.

Dispersion scaling inhibitor ZF531SGR

This product is formulated by organic phosphonate, carboxylic acid copolymers, sulfonic acid multipolymers, phosphate ester, carboxylic acid, etc. It’s used for dispersion scaling of various turbid circulating systems, especially circulating cooling water systems with high suspended solids content, high hardness, high pH value and that is easy to form calcium phosphate scale and calcium sulfate scale. It has good dispersion scaling performance, has strong ability to disperse the suspended solids in the circulating water systems, and has big tolerance for calcium ions. Its scaling inhibiting performance to calcium phosphate and the stability of zinc in the water treatment agent especially stand out. This product could work as the dispersion scaling inhibitor of turbid circulating cooling water system in industries like metallurgy and electric power.

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