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Scaling-corrosion inhibitor peculiar to closed system

Closed cooling (freezing) system is generally used in industrial production system with smaller heat flow or special requirements, such as air-condition, inner-combustion engine, transformer oil cooler, auxiliary cooler of nuclear reactor and etc. The system mainly uses softened water or desalted water as refrigerant, making it possible that there is no water concentration in the  water cooling system. Therefore, scaling is not the problem. But it has stronger corrosion compared to the fresh water and the circulating water, for the refrigerant is desalted water which clears away with hardness of the water. Meanwhile, in the closed system expansion tank and water reservoir are established which can be copped as you want but sealed. The cooling water does not contact with the air directly, but there is still dissolved oxygen in the water; Dissolved oxygen is brought in when replenishing cooling water of small quantity regularly because of the leakage at areas such as connection port of system circulating pump shaft seal and pipes. Therefore, electrochemical corrosion also exists in the system. In addition, galvanic corrosion is easy to happen because of the relatively complex heat transformer equipment material, such as the coexistence of carbon steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and etc. Therefore, it is hard to control corrosion of the cooling water system using desalted water and softened water as refrigerant solely from the aspect of corrosion controlling.

The series of water treatment medicament developed by our company based on the experience accumulated in the corrosion treatment of the closed circulating water system for many years has satisfying anticorrosion effect and cost performance to closed circulating water systems of different kinds.

Scaling-corrosion inhibitor ZH116SGR

This product, efficient corrosion inhibitor peculiar to the closed circulating cooling water system using softened water and desalted water as replenishing water, is an efficient softened water corrosion inhibitor of environment friendly style compounded by green chemicals such as sodium molybdate, alkanolamide and etc, therefore, there is no need to worry about potential environment pollution caused by pollution discharging or shock load to the sewage treatment. It belongs to the mixed type corrosion inhibitor mainly in charge of restraining anodic polarization, and is the ideal alternative of sodium nitrite; it can not only ensure the metal corrosion inhibition in the desalted water but is suitable to be used in softened water of high temperature and rich in SO42- and Cl-, and the corrosion inhibition rate reaches above 95%.

Corrosion inhibitor peculiar to heating supply HS117SGR

This product, efficient corrosion and scaling inhibitor peculiar to high-temperature closed circulating cooling water system, consists of polyol ester, phosphono-carboxylic acid, molybdate, organic corrosion inhibition component, inorganic active component and etc. Firstly, it has characters such as heat resistance, difficult resolving and etc; Secondly, gradually wipe out the scale and rust formed during the heating intervals of the whole water system under the precondition that  the excellent corrosion inhibition is maintained in high-temperature operation; Thirdly, put protection films on the metal, which could restrain depolarization corrosion of oxygen in the high-temperature water and partial corrosion under iron scale effectively, and could restrain the corrosion of metal such as carbon steel, aluminum, alloy and etc. The scaling and corrosion inhibition produces outstanding results in the cooling water above 70℃ and PH value above 9.

Scaling-corrosion inhibitor ZH119SGR

This product whose corrosion inhibition performance is particularly excellent in the closed water system has corrosion inhibition effect for carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, and is suitable for industrial water with low hardness, softened water and desalted water. This product consists of various components such as molybdate, silicate, dispersing agent, non-ferrous metal protective agent. The molybdate can create passive film of ferrous iron-high iron-molybdenum oxide complex in consideration of membrane forming theory. While the silicate in the medicament component, appearing as colloidal particles with negative charge in water, combines with the dissolving down ion on the metal surface, forming a layer of indissolvable precipitation membrane which makes up the defects of molybdate passive film, and prevents the spreading of oxygen in the cooling water and the metal dissolving, making the corrosion inhibition possible. The other components in the medicament and the metal form absorption film having function of synergy. The added medicament has function of restraining anode after the membrane-forming on the metal surface, making the oxygen and hydrogen electronic-potential of cathodic reaction forming the metal corrosion low, the potential difference between equilibrium potentials of anodic dissolution reaction of the metal small, and the corrosion current small to realize the corrosion inhibition effect. It has characteristics such as heat resistance and indissolvable, and can restrain corrosion of metal such as carbon steel, copper, alloy and ect. The chelate membrane chelated by copper corrison inhibition in the medicament and copper ion in the water can make the corrosion inhibition possible.

Scaling-corrosion inhibitor ZH120SGR

This product, the efficient scaling-corrosion inhibitor peculiar to the closed circulating cooling water system using ground water and river water as replenishing water directly, has excellent corrosion inhibition effect for carbon steel, copper and copper alloy; the heat stability is excellent, and the dispersing, chelating and solubilization functions for calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and ferrous iron, thus making the satisfying scaling inhibition and dispersing effects possible; the addition concentration in the circulating water is low, and the concentrations of total phosphorus (calculated by PO43-) and zinc ion are low, which complies with environment protection requirements.

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