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Sterilization and Algae Removal Agents

Sterilization and Algae Removal Agent with Oxidability SS121SGR

This product is chlorinated isocyanuric acid urate, efficient broad-spectrum biocide of chlorine series and the substitute of liquid chlorine and hypochlorite. Its features: Small dosage; Gradual releasing of hypochlorous acid or chloric organochlorine compound, relatively long sterilization duration. Fine stability, able to reduce the losses incurred by the photochemical reaction to ultraviolet rays; Low corrosion rate on metal materials, convenient application, having relatively strong sterilization and stripping effect on bacteria, algae and biological fouling of circulating water systems in relatively low density.

Sterilization and Algae Removal Agent with Oxidability SS123SGR

This product is the biocide of chlorine series. It has such characters as broad-spectrum, high efficiency, non-toxic, small dosage, long potency duration, etc. Its sterilization capacity is 2~5 times of that of the other germicides and disinfectants of chlorine series, and 3~17 times of that of the other germicides and disinfectants. It is the disinfectant with the highest grade (Grade AI) identified by WHO. Its other features: Sterilization increasing with the rise of temperature; Low corrosion rate on materials; Existing in water without creating hypochlorous acid, but only creating the soluble chlorine dioxide without reacting with the ammonia and organic amine in cooling water, this property is not possessed by other biocides of chlorine series. Able to kill not only fungus and algae, but also the majority of microbes such as spores and viruses within the scope of PH6-10.

Sterilization and Algae Removal Agent SS125SGR

This product is efficient broad-spectrum biocide whose sterilization speed is faster than chlorine, being able to reduce the livability of bacteria to 0.0001% within 4 minutes. Its molecules are able to penetrate the cell membranes of microbes and act on some protein perssads, ending the normal oxidation-reduction of cells and killing cells. Particularly in alkaline conditions, bromine’s sterilization effect has the advantage that chlorine can not match. The metal corrosion rate incurred by bromine is much lower than that incurred by chlorine, only 1/2~1/4 of that in chlorine series, furthermore, the decadence of bromine is relatively fast, having relatively small impact on environment and being effective in removing fouling to some degree.

Non-oxidizing Sterilization and Algae Removal Agent SS312SGR

This product is the sterilization and algae removal agent of quaternary ammonium salt series. It has such characters as high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity, free from the impact of PH value, convenient application, etc. It is effective in dispersing fouling and capable of eliminating the stink in water and inhibiting corrosion to some degree. The alternate use of this product with a sterilization and algae removal machine can reduce the drug resistance of microbes and can realize the synergistic effect. It is mainly used for the routine tasks of inhibiting microbe growth, dispersing and removing biological fouling of circulating cooling water systems, as well as the sterilization, removal and cleaning before the startup of old systems.

Sterilization and Algae Removal Agent SS313SGR

This product is sterilization and algae removal agent of isothiazolinone series, it can play the role of sterilization through breaking the protein bonds of bacteria and algae. After contacting microbes, it can quickly inhibit their growth, thus resulting in the death of biological cells. It can also penetrate fouling’s biological films on container walls and play the role of biological stripping. This product has such characters as high sterilization rate, good degradability of active ingredients, free from the generation of residual, good stability and compatibility, etc. It is the biocide with broad spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity; It is mainly used for inhibiting microbial growth, dispersing biological fouling, the alternate use of this product with other bacteriacide of oxidability can realize synergistic effects.

Efficient Sterilization and Algae Removal Agent SS411SGR

This product is formed through the mixture of hexadecyl dimethyl(2-sulphite)ethyl ammonium and efficient penetrant and dispersing agent. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient sterilization and algae removal agent having corrosion mitigation property. Its sterilizing rate on heterotrophic bacteria, iron bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria reaches over 99.9%, it has relatively strong capacity in removing biological fouling. Relatively good synergistic effect in scale inhibition can be achieved by mixing this product with the scale inhibition and dispersing agent in common use. It has favorable biodegradation, with the degradation rate being able to reach over 85% in 28 days; It has good corrosion mitigation property, with the corrosion mitigation rate being able to reach 90% when the density is 50mg/L.

Fouling Remover QX311SGR

This product can quickly penetrate the fouling’s biomembrane adsorbed on container walls, by applying the method of solidifying cell protein and making cells die and adsorbed to cell walls by inhibiting protein synthesis, controlling the permeability of the plasmalemma of cells to make cells die, it can effectively kill such microbes as aerobic bacteria, anerobes, fungus, algae, etc and disperse and remove biological fouling within the relatively broad range of PH value. It is mainly used for inhibiting microbe growth, dispersing and removing biological fouling of circulating cooling water system. Synergistic effect can be realized when it is used together with chlorine containing bacteriacides. It is compatible with the corrosion mitigation and scale inhibition agents in cooling water systems.

Efficient Fouling Remover QX313SGR

This product contains efficient a alkali protease and active N—Br bonds. When it is added into water, the a alkali protease can quickly reach the surface of biomembrane and react with sticky polymers to reduce their stickiness: The resultants generated through reaction can further act on the protein inside microbial cells, changing the properties of the protein and making the cells die, thus destroying the microbial colonies inside biomembranes and playing the role of dispersing biological fouling; N—Br bonds can quickly penetrate into the deep parts of biomembrane and act on the microbial communities on the interfaces between biomembranes and metal surfaces to make the microbial communities depolymerize quickly and come off by themselves. The active N—Br bonds react with water and the generated HBrO extremely active in sterilization directly acts on the airborne microbes and realize the function of killing bacteria.

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