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Scale Inhibition and Corrosion Mitigation Agent Used Exclusively for Reclaimed Water

As the issue of the shortage of global fresh water resource has become increasingly serious, the reuse of reclaimed water has become one of the most effective ways in resolving the issue of water resource deficiency. In recent years, with the transnormal development of industrial construction, as big water consumers, the factories are aiming at the recycling of urban water and the zero discharge of the circulating water system in searching for their own circulating cooling water.

The properties of reclaimed water makes it necessary that the following issues must be taken into account when reclaimed water is used in circulating water systems:

1. Due to the difference in the origin and volume among various reclaimed waters, and water properties differ in many ways and are infinite in variety in accordance with the changes of time, site and season, the water properties of circulating water can be very complex.

2. The high salt content can cause the scaling of circulating water systems and the corrosion of metal materials and cement construction elements;

3. High organic matter content and great bacteria types are favorable to the breeding of bacteria in circulating water systems, resulting in the adhesion and deposition of fouling on the surfaces of condensers and causing the corrosion on metal materials.

4. The nitration reaction of ammonia nitrogen may cause the decrease of pH value of circulating water and result in the corrosion of circulating water systems.

Scale Inhibition and Corrosion Mitigation Agent ZH351SGR Used Exclusively for Reclaimed Water

The products of this series are water quality stabilizing agents with low phosphine content containing highly efficient scale inhibition dispersing agent, multipolymer, highly efficient corrosion mitigation agent and assistant. They are particularly suitable for the circulating water systems in which urban reclaimed water and industrial reclaimed water are reused. They are able to guarantee the long-term safe and stable operation of circulating systems under the severe circumstances such as complexity and volatility of reclaimed water properties, scaling, strong tendency of corrosion, easiness in the growth of bacteria and algae, etc. The function characters of the products:

(1) After dissolving in water they ionize and generate electronegative molecular chains able to react with Ca2+ to generate complex or chelate soluble to water, thus increasing the inorganic salt solubility and playing the role of scale inhibition.

(2)After dissolving in water, they are absorbed to the crystallites inorganic salt, increasing the repulsions among the particles, preventing the coalescence and making them in favorable dispersity, thus preventing or decreasing the formation of scales.

(3)Being adsorbed to the crystal nucleuses or crystallites of inorganic salt, they occupy some spaces, preventing and destroying the normal growth of inorganic salt crystals, decreasing the growth rate of the crystals, thus decreasing the formation of salt deposit.

(4) Corrosion inhibitors contain the organic corrosion inhibitors with adsorbed-film-type hydrophilic groups and lipophilic groups, the hydrophilic groups are adsorbed to metal surface, the lipophilic groups are oriented to corrosive environment and form adsorption films, separating the metal from the environment, while at the same time playing the roles of complexation and inhibition on the metal ions of various materials, thus effectively reducing the metal corrosion rate.

Scale Inhibition and Corrosion Mitigation Agent ZH352SGR Used Exclusively for Reclaimed Water

The products of this series are new type environmentally friendly scale inhibition and corrosion mitigation agents formulated by organic phosphate, phosphono-carboxylic acid, sulfonate copolymer, fatty amine, non-ionic surfactant, etc. These water treatment agents have good scale and corrosion mitigation effect. They are particularly suitable for the water bodies with bad quality such as the polluted water sources and urban reclaimed water, etc. The treated water can be used as industrial circulating cooling water, particularly as the circulating cooling water for power plant condensers. They can not only boost heat transfer efficiency, reduce equipment maintenance and repair, but also extend equipment service life. These low-phosphorous, non-toxic agents are environmentally friendly scale and corrosion mitigation agents. The unique feature of these agents is that the fatty amine contained is oil-soluble substance. After the agent has been added into water in low dose, the micro-emulsion formed through the dispersive action of the surface active agent contact metal surface and makes self-enriching preferentially on the solid liquid interface through the ether bond and amido of the molecules, the long chain hydrocarbons form hydrophobic membrane outward, making the scale and corrosion mitigation agent’s local concentration on the solid liquid interface reach very high value, thus effectively inhibiting the formation of metal corrosion; The combination of the hydrophobicity of the hydrophobic liquid membrane with high inhibitive capacity formed on solid liquid interface and other effective components of the scale and corrosion mitigation agent has positive synergistic effect in inhibiting the nucleation, growth and deposition of hydrophilic inorganic salt scale, thus having good effect in inhibiting the formation and adhesion of scale on metal surface as well as the deposition of scale; Due to the structural features of fatty amine, it can effectively penetrate into, disperse and remove the biological fouling in the systems and therefore plays the role of sterilization and synergy.

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