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Cleaning agent applied in circulating water system operation

Model: SGR-QX-YX003

Properties: This product is colorless or faint yellow liquid, it is generated after continuous improvements on the basis of multiple experiment argumentations and on-the-spot applications. It is full organic type efficient operation cleaning agent.

This product can not only clear away carbonate scale, but also has very ideal effect on clearing away silicate, phosphate and sulfate scale.

Shutdown is not required when using this product to clean equipment, it is particularly suitable for the equipment in continuous production and the equipment having no shutdown time.

Physicochemical Indexes




Colorless to light yellow liquid

Solid Content


PH Value




Application: Acting as cleaning agent, it is used for the cleaning in circulating water system operation, continuous application of this product can effectively avoid scaling on the system.

Application method: Calculate the chemical feed amount in accordance with scale amount and system water properties, directly add the agent into the circulating water system, make sewage disposal for one time and replenish the agent during each shift. After the cleaning with this product, it is better to continue the application of this product in case of scaling.

Packaging, storage and transportation: Make packaging via the plastic casks of 25㎏, 200kg and 1000㎏. The storage place should be shady, cool and dry. The storage period is 24 months. Handle with care, put down carefully and avoid collision during transportation.

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