Being one of the enterprises with the most complete product categories in water treatment industry in the country, JINING SCIENTIFIC GREEN WATER-TREATMENT CO., LTD. devotes itself to the scientific research, production, marketing and service on water treatment products and is mainly engaged in the businesses in the following four aspects:
   I. Production, marketing and technical service on water treatment chemicals.
   II. Manufacturing, marketing and technical service on water treatment equipment.
   III. Industrial cleaning project.
   IV. Production, marketing and technical service on papermaking chemicals.

Black Liquor Evaporator Cleaning

The alkali recycling equipment of a paper mill is the equipment in treating and resolving the paper-making waste water pollution, and black liquor evaporator is the key equipment in alkali recycling process. Being the bottleneck for paper-making waste water management, the stubborn pipe scale generated on the black liquor evaporators of paper mills can greatly reduce the efficiency of alkali recycling equipment. The descaling effect of the traditional cleaning method adopted against this stubborn scale is quite unsatisfactory. The descaling rate can be greatly boosted through applying the method of combining chemical cleaning with physical cleaning adopted by our company, thus resolving the issue. The manufacturers applying the method: Shandong Chenming Paper Group, Shandong Taiyang Paper Group, Weifang Henglian Paper, etc.

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