Being one of the enterprises with the most complete product categories in water treatment industry in the country, JINING SCIENTIFIC GREEN WATER-TREATMENT CO., LTD. devotes itself to the scientific research, production, marketing and service on water treatment products and is mainly engaged in the businesses in the following four aspects:
   I. Production, marketing and technical service on water treatment chemicals.
   II. Manufacturing, marketing and technical service on water treatment equipment.
   III. Industrial cleaning project.
   IV. Production, marketing and technical service on papermaking chemicals.

Galvanized Metal (evaporative condenser) Cleaning

Zinc is very active metalloid and sensitive to both acid and alkali. If scaling has happened on a heat transfer equipment with galvanized metal, the adoption of common chemical cleaning agent can cause very serious corrosion on metal and severely damage the zinc coat, thus greatly shortening the service life of equipment. By applying the neutral cleaning agent ( ph value: 7.5-8.5 ) adopted by our company to clean such equipment, the zinc coat can be effectively protected against corrosion, thorough descaling can be achieved, and silicate scale and sulfate scale can also be effectively cleared away. Manufacturers applying the products: Qingdao Beer (Rizhao, Maanshan, Xuecheng, Heze, Peixian, Xuzhou) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haihong Wine Co., Ltd., Yantai Maiduoli Beer Brewery, Jiangsu Xinyi Insecticide Factory, Sanmenxia Beer, co., Ltd., etc.

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