Being one of the enterprises with the most complete product categories in water treatment industry in the country, JINING SCIENTIFIC GREEN WATER-TREATMENT CO., LTD. devotes itself to the scientific research, production, marketing and service on water treatment products and is mainly engaged in the businesses in the following four aspects:
   I. Production, marketing and technical service on water treatment chemicals.
   II. Manufacturing, marketing and technical service on water treatment equipment.
   III. Industrial cleaning project.
   IV. Production, marketing and technical service on papermaking chemicals.

Condenser (copper pipes) Cleaning Pre-film

Various kinds of corrosion may occur on condensers’ copper pipes located in circulating cooling water. Like the majority of metal materials, the corrosion process of copper pipes is closely related to the properties of the protective film on copper pipe surface. If ideal protective film has taken shape on copper pipe surface during the preliminary period of operation, uniform corrosion will not occur in common cases, and local corrosion can occur only after the breakage of the film.

Based on the long-term construction experience, by making summary and consummation continuously, our company has improved ferrous sulphate pre-filming and MBT pre-filming, preserving the advantages and eliminating the defects of the original pre-filming technology. The new methods having such characters as fast film formation, formation of thick, compact, hard film with great corrosion resistance are the preferred pre-filming ways of power industry. They are suitable for the pre-filming before the commissioning and after the acid washing and during the operation of power plants’ condensers.

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