Being one of the enterprises with the most complete product categories in water treatment industry in the country, JINING SCIENTIFIC GREEN WATER-TREATMENT CO., LTD. devotes itself to the scientific research, production, marketing and service on water treatment products and is mainly engaged in the businesses in the following four aspects:
   I. Production, marketing and technical service on water treatment chemicals.
   II. Manufacturing, marketing and technical service on water treatment equipment.
   III. Industrial cleaning project.
   IV. Production, marketing and technical service on papermaking chemicals.

Condenser Cleaning

1. Scaling on condensers can lower the vacuum rate of sets, and the long-term operation of sets in coarse vacuum can cause great damage on the last-stage blades of turbines, and even result in the breakage of last-stage blades, and therefore damaging turbines and leading to shutdown. Furthermore, the reduction of vacuum rate can raise coal consumption, scientific data show that the reduction of vacuum rate by 1 can result in the reduction of efficiency by 1% and the increase of coal consumption by over 4g Ce/kw h.

2. Scaling of condensers can lower the condensation efficiency and raise the terminal difference of condensers. The heat transfer efficiency of the copper pipe of 1mm is 300-400 times of that of the scale of 1mm.

3. The scaling of condensers can diminish the sectional area of pipe bundles, resulting in the increase of cooling water consumption as well as energy consumption.

4. Scaling of condensers is apt to cause under-scale corrosion, and even result in equipment perforation in serious cases and shorten the service life of equipment.

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